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Dirty Harry
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When a madman dubbed 'Scorpio' terrorizes San Francisco, hard-nosed cop, Harry Callahan – famous for his take-no-prisoners approach to law enforcement – is tasked with hunting down the psychopath. Harry eventually collars Scorpio in the process of rescuing a kidnap victim, only to see him walk on technicalities. Now, the maverick detective is determined to nail the maniac himself.

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry Dirty Harry 7.5 / 10 by 1001 users
 Title : Dirty Harry
 Original Title : Dirty Harry
 Director : Don Siegel
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 1971-12-21
 Runtime : 102 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
 Production Company : Warner Bros. Pictures, Malpaso Productions
 Popularity : 14.562
 Plot Keyword : ambush, san francisco, detective, ransom, sniper, mayor, kidnapping, chase, investigation, assault, police, psychopath, swimming pool, beating, serial killer, gunfight, maniac, violence, school bus, revolver, neo-noir
 Alternative Titles :
  • Ispettore Callaghan il caso scorpio è tuo
  • Harry, el sucio
  • Dirty Harry 1
  • L'inspecteur Harry 1
  • Smerige klabak
  • Мръсният Хари
  • Perseguidor Implacável
  • Likainen Harry
  • Ο Επιθεωρητής Κάλαχαν
  • Prljavi Harry
  • 더티 해리


Image characters of Insp. Harry Callahan

Characters : Insp. Harry Callahan

Actor : Clint Eastwood

Image characters of Lt. Al Bressler

Characters : Lt. Al Bressler

Actor : Harry Guardino

Image characters of Insp. Chico Gonzalez

Characters : Insp. Chico Gonzalez

Actor : Reni Santoni

Image characters of The Mayor

Characters : The Mayor

Actor : John Vernon

Image characters of Scorpio Killer

Characters : Scorpio Killer

Actor : Andrew Robinson

Image characters of Chief

Characters : Chief

Actor : John Larch

Image characters of Insp. Frank DiGiorgio

Characters : Insp. Frank DiGiorgio

Actor : John Mitchum

Image characters of Mrs. Russell

Characters : Mrs. Russell

Actor : Mae Mercer

Image characters of Norma

Characters : Norma

Actor : Lyn Edgington

Image characters of Bus Driver

Characters : Bus Driver

Actor : Ruth Kobart

Image characters of Mr. Jaffe

Characters : Mr. Jaffe

Actor : Woodrow Parfrey

Image characters of Att. William T. Rothko

Characters : Att. William T. Rothko

Actor : Josef Sommer

Image characters of Judge Bannerman

Characters : Judge Bannerman

Actor : William Paterson

Image characters of Liquor Store Owner

Characters : Liquor Store Owner

Actor : James Nolan

Image characters of Sid Kleinman

Characters : Sid Kleinman

Actor : Maurice Argent

Image characters of Miss Willis

Characters : Miss Willis

Actor : Jo De Winter

Image characters of Bank Robber (uncredited)

Characters : Bank Robber (uncredited)

Actor : Albert Popwell

Image characters of Communications Secretary (uncredited)

Characters : Communications Secretary (uncredited)

Actor : Joy Carlin

Image characters of Suicide Jumper (uncredited)

Characters : Suicide Jumper (uncredited)

Actor : Bill Couch

Image characters of Swimmer (uncredited)

Characters : Swimmer (uncredited)

Actor : Diana Davidson

Image characters of Pedestrian (uncredited)

Characters : Pedestrian (uncredited)

Actor : Vince Deadrick Sr.

Image characters of TV Watcher (uncredited)

Characters : TV Watcher (uncredited)

Actor : Chuck Dorsett

Image characters of Man in Jaffe's Cafe (uncredited)

Characters : Man in Jaffe's Cafe (uncredited)

Actor : Al Dunlap

Image characters of (uncredited)

Characters : (uncredited)

Actor : Larry Duran

Image characters of Homicide Detective (uncredited)

Characters : Homicide Detective (uncredited)

Actor : George Fargo

Image characters of Hot Mary (uncredited)

Characters : Hot Mary (uncredited)

Actor : Lois Foraker

Image characters of Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Characters : Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Actor : Max Gail

Image characters of Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Characters : Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Actor : John Garber

Image characters of Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Characters : Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited)

Actor : Christopher Pray

Image characters of Policeman (uncredited)

Characters : Policeman (uncredited)

Actor : Eddie Garrett

Image characters of Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Characters : Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Actor : James W. Gavin

Image characters of Homosexual (uncredited)

Characters : Homosexual (uncredited)

Actor : David Gilliam

Image characters of Minor Role (uncredited)

Characters : Minor Role (uncredited)

Actor : Don Haggerty

Image characters of Newsman (uncredited)

Characters : Newsman (uncredited)

Actor : Scott Hale

Image characters of Underwear Chick (uncredited)

Characters : Underwear Chick (uncredited)

Actor : Kate Harper

Image characters of Man in Truck (uncredited)

Characters : Man in Truck (uncredited)

Actor : Bob Harris

Image characters of Flower Vendor (uncredited)

Characters : Flower Vendor (uncredited)

Actor : Chuck Hicks

Image characters of Big Black Man (uncredited)

Characters : Big Black Man (uncredited)

Actor : Raymond Johnson

Image characters of Homosexual (uncredited)

Characters : Homosexual (uncredited)

Actor : Richard Lawson

Image characters of Third Nude (uncredited)

Characters : Third Nude (uncredited)

Actor : Laurie Mock

Image characters of Hippie Girl (uncredited)

Characters : Hippie Girl (uncredited)

Actor : Ann Noland

Image characters of Lady in Jaffe's Cafe (uncredited)

Characters : Lady in Jaffe's Cafe (uncredited)

Actor : Kathleen O'Malley

Image characters of Homicide Detective (uncredited)

Characters : Homicide Detective (uncredited)

Actor : Angela Paton

Image characters of Car Driver (uncredited)

Characters : Car Driver (uncredited)

Actor : Victor Paul

Image characters of Ann Mary Deacon (uncredited)

Characters : Ann Mary Deacon (uncredited)

Actor : Debralee Scott

Image characters of Pedestrian Passing Harry's Car (uncredited)

Characters : Pedestrian Passing Harry's Car (uncredited)

Actor : Don Siegel

Image characters of Hippie Guy (uncredited)

Characters : Hippie Guy (uncredited)

Actor : Kristoffer Tabori

Image characters of Police Sergeant (uncredited)

Characters : Police Sergeant (uncredited)

Actor : Tony Dario

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