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Total Recall
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Construction worker Douglas Quaid discovers a memory chip in his brain during a virtual-reality trip. He also finds that his past has been invented to conceal a plot of planetary domination. Soon, he's off to Mars to find out who he is and who planted the chip.

Total Recall

Total Recall Total Recall 7.2 / 10 by 2748 users
 Title : Total Recall
 Original Title : Total Recall
 Director : Paul Verhoeven
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 1990-06-01
 Runtime : 113 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
 Production Company : Carolco International N.V., Carolco Pictures
 Popularity : 16.546
 Plot Keyword : oxygen, falsely accused, resistance, mars, double life, telepathy, mutant, hologram, space colony, false identity, secret agent, dystopia, cyberpunk, false memory, robot cop, implanted memory
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 Alternative Titles :
  • El Vengador del Futuro
  • El Vengador del Futuro
  • 魔鬼总动员
  • 宇宙威龙


Image characters of Douglas Quaid/Hauser

Characters : Douglas Quaid/Hauser

Actor : Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image characters of Lori

Characters : Lori

Actor : Sharon Stone

Image characters of Melina

Characters : Melina

Actor : Rachel Ticotin

Image characters of Vilos Cohaagen

Characters : Vilos Cohaagen

Actor : Ronny Cox

Image characters of Richter

Characters : Richter

Actor : Michael Ironside

Image characters of George/Kuato

Characters : George/Kuato

Actor : Marshall Bell

Image characters of Dr. Edgemar

Characters : Dr. Edgemar

Actor : Roy Brocksmith

Image characters of Bob McClane

Characters : Bob McClane

Actor : Ray Baker

Image characters of Dr. Lull

Characters : Dr. Lull

Actor : Rosemary Dunsmore

Image characters of Tony

Characters : Tony

Actor : Dean Norris

Image characters of Thumbelina

Characters : Thumbelina

Actor : Debbie Lee Carrington

Image characters of Mary

Characters : Mary

Actor : Lycia Naff

Image characters of Harry

Characters : Harry

Actor : Robert Costanzo

Image characters of Everett

Characters : Everett

Actor : Marc Alaimo

Image characters of Rebel Lieutenant

Characters : Rebel Lieutenant

Actor : Michael Gregory

Image characters of Burly Miner

Characters : Burly Miner

Actor : Mickey Jones

Image characters of Voice of Johnnycab (voice)

Characters : Voice of Johnnycab (voice)

Actor : Robert Picardo

Image characters of Helm

Characters : Helm

Actor : Michael Champion

Image characters of Benny

Characters : Benny

Actor : Mel Johnson Jr.

Image characters of Ernie

Characters : Ernie

Actor : David Knell

Image characters of Tiffany

Characters : Tiffany

Actor : Alexia Robinson

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