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There is no gene for the human spirit.


In a future society in the era of indefinite eugenics, humans are set on a life course depending on their DNA. Young Vincent Freeman is born with a condition that would prevent him from space travel, yet is determined to infiltrate the GATTACA space program.


Gattaca Gattaca 7.5 / 10 by 4497 users
 Title : Gattaca
 Original Title : Gattaca
 Director : Andrew Niccol
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 1997-09-07
 Runtime : 106 Minutes
 Genre : Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance
 Production Company : Jersey Films, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures
 Popularity : 16.869
 Plot Keyword : paraplegic, suicide attempt, cheating, dna, spaceman, new identity, heart disease, false identity, blood sample, biotechnology, space mission, dystopia, investigation, genetics, hostility, exercise, eugenics
 Alternative Titles :
  • 가타카
  • Bienvenue à Gattaca
  • Bienvenue A Gattaca
  • 千鈞一髮
  • Der Orchideendieb
  • Гаттака
  • Gattaca: Experimento genético
  • Gattaca - A Experiência Genética
  • Гаттака


Image characters of Vincent Freeman

Characters : Vincent Freeman

Actor : Ethan Hawke

Image characters of Irene Cassini

Characters : Irene Cassini

Actor : Uma Thurman

Image characters of Detective Hugo

Characters : Detective Hugo

Actor : Alan Arkin

Image characters of Jerome Eugene Morrow

Characters : Jerome Eugene Morrow

Actor : Jude Law

Image characters of Adult Anton Freeman

Characters : Adult Anton Freeman

Actor : Loren Dean

Image characters of Director Josef

Characters : Director Josef

Actor : Gore Vidal

Image characters of Caesar

Characters : Caesar

Actor : Ernest Borgnine

Image characters of Geneticist

Characters : Geneticist

Actor : Blair Underwood

Image characters of Dr. Lamar

Characters : Dr. Lamar

Actor : Xander Berkeley

Image characters of 'German'

Characters : "German"

Actor : Tony Shalhoub

Image characters of Marie Freeman

Characters : Marie Freeman

Actor : Jayne Brook

Image characters of Young Anton Freeman

Characters : Young Anton Freeman

Actor : William Lee Scott

Image characters of Head Nurse

Characters : Head Nurse

Actor : Una Damon

Image characters of Antonio Freeman

Characters : Antonio Freeman

Actor : Elias Koteas

Image characters of Delivery Nurse

Characters : Delivery Nurse

Actor : Maya Rudolph

Image characters of Preschool Teacher

Characters : Preschool Teacher

Actor : Elizabeth Dennehy

Image characters of Vincent Freeman - Boy

Characters : Vincent Freeman - Boy

Actor : Mason Gamble

Image characters of Anton Freeman - Boy

Characters : Anton Freeman - Boy

Actor : Vincent Nielson

Image characters of Vincent Freeman - Teen

Characters : Vincent Freeman - Teen

Actor : Chad Christ

Image characters of Personnel Officer

Characters : Personnel Officer

Actor : Clarence Graham

Image characters of Gattaca Hoover

Characters : Gattaca Hoover

Actor : Carlton Benbry

Image characters of Sequencing Customer

Characters : Sequencing Customer

Actor : Grace Sullivan

Image characters of Sequencing Technician

Characters : Sequencing Technician

Actor : Ken Marino

Image characters of Cavendish

Characters : Cavendish

Actor : Cynthia Martells

Image characters of Gattaca Trainer

Characters : Gattaca Trainer

Actor : Gabrielle Reece

Image characters of Twelve-Fingered Pianist

Characters : Twelve-Fingered Pianist

Actor : Ryan Dorin

Image characters of Cop on the Beat

Characters : Cop on the Beat

Actor : Dean Norris

Image characters of Gattaca Detective

Characters : Gattaca Detective

Actor : Russell Milton

Image characters of Beaten Detective

Characters : Beaten Detective

Actor : George Marshall Ruge

Image characters of Blood Test Detective

Characters : Blood Test Detective

Actor : Steve Bessen

Image characters of Mission Commander

Characters : Mission Commander

Actor : Lindsey Ginter

Image characters of Gattacan Citizen

Characters : Gattacan Citizen

Actor : Greg Sestero

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