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Hotel Transylvania
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Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula's lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up and no humans are allowed. One special weekend, Dracula has invited all his best friends to celebrate his beloved daughter Mavis's 118th birthday. For Dracula catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem but the party really starts when one ordinary guy stumbles into the hotel and changes everything!

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania 6.9 / 10 by 4714 users
 Title : Hotel Transylvania
 Original Title : Hotel Transylvania
 Director : Genndy Tartakovsky
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2012-09-20
 Runtime : 91 Minutes
 Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
 Production Company : Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation
 Popularity : 19.889
 Plot Keyword : hotel, witch, magic, mummy, vampire, dracula, skeleton, backpacker, frankenstein, love, romance, wolfman, zombie, invisible man, duringcreditsstinger, nosferatu, protective father, magical creature, father daughter relationship
 Alternative Titles :
  • Hotell Transilvaania
  • Монстры на каникулах 1
  • Hotel Transsilvanien 1
  • โรงแรมผี หนีไปพักร้อน 1
  • Hotel Transilvanija
  • Hotel Transilvânia
  • 몬스터 호텔
  • Hotel Transylvanie 1
  • Hotel Transylvania 01 Hotel Transylvania
  • Hotell Transylvania
  • Khách sạn huyền bí


Image characters of Count Dracula (voice)

Characters : Count Dracula (voice)

Actor : Adam Sandler

Image characters of Jonathan 'Jonnystein' Loughran (voice)

Characters : Jonathan "Jonnystein" Loughran (voice)

Actor : Andy Samberg

Image characters of Mavis (voice)

Characters : Mavis (voice)

Actor : Selena Gomez

Image characters of Frank / Frankenstein (voice)

Characters : Frank / Frankenstein (voice)

Actor : Kevin James

Image characters of Eunice (voice)

Characters : Eunice (voice)

Actor : Fran Drescher

Image characters of Wayne (voice)

Characters : Wayne (voice)

Actor : Steve Buscemi

Image characters of Wanda (voice)

Characters : Wanda (voice)

Actor : Molly Shannon

Image characters of Griffin the Invisible Man (voice)

Characters : Griffin the Invisible Man (voice)

Actor : David Spade

Image characters of Murray the Mummy (voice)

Characters : Murray the Mummy (voice)

Actor : Cee Lo Green

Image characters of Young Mavis / Winnie (voice)

Characters : Young Mavis / Winnie (voice)

Actor : Sadie Sandler

Image characters of Quasimodo Wilson (voice)

Characters : Quasimodo Wilson (voice)

Actor : Jon Lovitz

Image characters of Shrunken Head (voice)

Characters : Shrunken Head (voice)

Actor : Luenell

Image characters of Mr. Fly (voice)

Characters : Mr. Fly (voice)

Actor : Chris Parnell

Image characters of Suit of Animated Armor (voice)

Characters : Suit of Animated Armor (voice)

Actor : Brian George

Image characters of Pilot (voice)

Characters : Pilot (voice)

Actor : Brian Stack

Image characters of Martha (voice)

Characters : Martha (voice)

Actor : Jackie Sandler

Image characters of Skeleton Husband (voice)

Characters : Skeleton Husband (voice)

Actor : Rob Riggle

Image characters of Zombie Pulmber / Hydra Head (voice)

Characters : Zombie Pulmber / Hydra Head (voice)

Actor : Paul Brittain

Image characters of Fake Dracula / Marty (voice)

Characters : Fake Dracula / Marty (voice)

Actor : Robert Smigel

Image characters of Gremlin Man / Hydra Head (voice)

Characters : Gremlin Man / Hydra Head (voice)

Actor : Jonny Solomon

Image characters of Shrunken Head / Hydra Head (voice)

Characters : Shrunken Head / Hydra Head (voice)

Actor : Jim Wise

Image characters of Guy / Hydra Head (voice)

Characters : Guy / Hydra Head (voice)

Actor : Craig Kellman

Image characters of Hairy Monster / Hydra  Head(voice)

Characters : Hairy Monster / Hydra Head(voice)

Actor : Brian McCann

Image characters of Hydra Head (voice)

Characters : Hydra Head (voice)

Actor : Tom Kenny

Image characters of Foreman (voice)

Characters : Foreman (voice)

Actor : James C.J. Williams

Image characters of Additional Voices (voice)

Characters : Additional Voices (voice)

Actor : Ashley Lambert

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