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Just Go with It
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Sometimes a guy's best wingman... is a wingwoman


A plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone heads off for a weekend in Hawaii that will change all their lives.

Just Go with It

Just Go with It Just Go with It 6.4 / 10 by 2778 users
 Title : Just Go with It
 Original Title : Just Go with It
 Director : Dennis Dugan
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2011-02-10
 Runtime : 117 Minutes
 Genre : Comedy, Romance
 Production Company : Columbia Pictures, Happy Madison Productions
 Popularity : 20.703
 Plot Keyword : beach, fictitious marriage, blackmail, plastic surgery, marriage, love, beautiful woman, kids and family, lies
 Alternative Titles :
  • Pritvoris moey jenoy
  • Una esposa de mentira
  • 爱情大龙凤
  • Una esposa de mentira
  • Cô vợ hờ


Image characters of Danny Maccabee

Characters : Danny Maccabee

Actor : Adam Sandler

Image characters of Katherine Murphy

Characters : Katherine Murphy

Actor : Jennifer Aniston

Image characters of Devlin Adams

Characters : Devlin Adams

Actor : Nicole Kidman

Image characters of Eddie Simms

Characters : Eddie Simms

Actor : Nick Swardson

Image characters of Palmer Dodge

Characters : Palmer Dodge

Actor : Brooklyn Decker

Image characters of Maggie Murphy

Characters : Maggie Murphy

Actor : Bailee Madison

Image characters of Michael Murphy

Characters : Michael Murphy

Actor : Griffin Gluck

Image characters of Ian Maxtone Jones

Characters : Ian Maxtone Jones

Actor : Dave Matthews

Image characters of Kirsten Brant

Characters : Kirsten Brant

Actor : Rachel Dratch

Image characters of Adon

Characters : Adon

Actor : Kevin Nealon

Image characters of Soul Patch

Characters : Soul Patch

Actor : Allen Covert

Image characters of Tanner Patrick

Characters : Tanner Patrick

Actor : Dan Patrick

Image characters of Joanna Damon

Characters : Joanna Damon

Actor : Minka Kelly

Image characters of Veruca

Characters : Veruca

Actor : Jackie Sandler

Image characters of Patricia

Characters : Patricia

Actor : Rakefet Abergel

Image characters of Henderson

Characters : Henderson

Actor : Mario Joyner

Image characters of Ernesto

Characters : Ernesto

Actor : Keegan-Michael Key

Image characters of Lisa Hammond

Characters : Lisa Hammond

Actor : Rachel Specter

Image characters of Christine

Characters : Christine

Actor : Elena Satine

Image characters of Hawaiian Family at Rope Bridge

Characters : Hawaiian Family at Rope Bridge

Actor : Sadie Sandler

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Characters : Teenage Girl at Dive Restaurant

Actor : Jessica Jade Andres

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Characters : Hotel Guest

Actor : Arlene Newman

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