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Mary Queen of Scots
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In 1561, Mary Stuart, widow of the King of France, returns to Scotland, reclaims her rightful throne and menaces the future of Queen Elizabeth I as ruler of England, because she has a legitimate claim to the English throne. Betrayals, rebellions, conspiracies and their own life choices imperil both Queens. They experience the bitter cost of power, until their tragic fate is finally fulfilled.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots 6.6 / 10 by 1310 users
 Title : Mary Queen of Scots
 Original Title : Mary Queen of Scots
 Director : Josie Rourke
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2018-12-07
 Runtime : 124 Minutes
 Genre : Drama, History
 Production Company : Focus Features, Working Title Films, Perfect World Pictures
 Popularity : 19.357
 Plot Keyword : scotland, based on novel or book, cousin, royal family, biography, queen elizabeth i, tudors, female prisoner, mary queen of scots, cousin cousin relationship, woman director, 16th century, british monarchy, stuarts
 Alternative Titles :
  • Мария – королева Шотландии
  • 苏格兰玛丽女王
  • 双后传
  • 苏格兰女王:争名夺后
  • María, Reina de Escocia
  • Las dos reinas
  • Las dos reinas
  • Duas Rainhas


Image characters of Mary Stuart

Characters : Mary Stuart

Actor : Saoirse Ronan

Image characters of Queen Elizabeth I

Characters : Queen Elizabeth I

Actor : Margot Robbie

Image characters of Henry Darnley

Characters : Henry Darnley

Actor : Jack Lowden

Image characters of Robert Dudley

Characters : Robert Dudley

Actor : Joe Alwyn

Image characters of John Knox

Characters : John Knox

Actor : David Tennant

Image characters of William Cecil

Characters : William Cecil

Actor : Guy Pearce

Image characters of Bess of Hardwick

Characters : Bess of Hardwick

Actor : Gemma Chan

Image characters of Earl of Bothwell

Characters : Earl of Bothwell

Actor : Martin Compston

Image characters of David Rizzio

Characters : David Rizzio

Actor : Ismael Cruz Córdova

Image characters of Earl of Lennox

Characters : Earl of Lennox

Actor : Brendan Coyle

Image characters of Lord Maitland

Characters : Lord Maitland

Actor : Ian Hart

Image characters of James, Earl of Moray

Characters : James, Earl of Moray

Actor : James McArdle

Image characters of Thomas Andrews

Characters : Thomas Andrews

Actor : Richard Cant

Image characters of Earl of Kent

Characters : Earl of Kent

Actor : Guy Rhys

Image characters of Earl of Shrewsbury

Characters : Earl of Shrewsbury

Actor : Thom Petty

Image characters of Mary Seton

Characters : Mary Seton

Actor : Izuka Hoyle

Image characters of Bull

Characters : Bull

Actor : John Ramm

Image characters of Robert Beale

Characters : Robert Beale

Actor : Simon Russell Beale

Image characters of Mary Fleming

Characters : Mary Fleming

Actor : Maria Dragus

Image characters of Mary Livingston

Characters : Mary Livingston

Actor : Liah O'Prey

Image characters of Mary Beaton

Characters : Mary Beaton

Actor : Eileen O'Higgins

Image characters of Thomas Hepburn

Characters : Thomas Hepburn

Actor : Greg Miller Burns

Image characters of John Hepburn

Characters : John Hepburn

Actor : Aneurin Pascoe

Image characters of George Dalgleish

Characters : George Dalgleish

Actor : Adrian Derrick-Palmer

Image characters of The Laird of Ramorny

Characters : The Laird of Ramorny

Actor : Kal Sabir

Image characters of James Haliburton

Characters : James Haliburton

Actor : Luke Kidd

Image characters of Lord Randolph

Characters : Lord Randolph

Actor : Adrian Lester

Image characters of Kate Carey

Characters : Kate Carey

Actor : Georgia Burnell

Image characters of Thomas Jenye

Characters : Thomas Jenye

Actor : Alan Turkington

Image characters of William Kirkcaldy of Grange

Characters : William Kirkcaldy of Grange

Actor : Euan MacNaughton

Image characters of Hector Maclean

Characters : Hector Maclean

Actor : Scot Greenan

Image characters of Commoner

Characters : Commoner

Actor : Karen Dunbar

Image characters of Sir Richard Knightley

Characters : Sir Richard Knightley

Actor : Ian Hallard

Image characters of King James I

Characters : King James I

Actor : Andrew Rothney

Image characters of Snuffer Woman

Characters : Snuffer Woman

Actor : Angela Bain

Image characters of Fotheringhay Gentlewoman

Characters : Fotheringhay Gentlewoman

Actor : Abby Cassidy

Image characters of Fotheringhay Gentlewoman

Characters : Fotheringhay Gentlewoman

Actor : Shalisha James-Davis

Image characters of Sir William Douglas

Characters : Sir William Douglas

Actor : Adam Bond

Image characters of Young Holyrood Servant

Characters : Young Holyrood Servant

Actor : Katharine O'Donnelly

Image characters of Dorothy Stafford

Characters : Dorothy Stafford

Actor : Grace Molony

Image characters of Henry Killigrew

Characters : Henry Killigrew

Actor : Luke Hobson

Image characters of John Tamworth

Characters : John Tamworth

Actor : Ben Wiggins

Image characters of William Killigrew

Characters : William Killigrew

Actor : Eldredd Wolf

Image characters of Portrait Painter

Characters : Portrait Painter

Actor : Eric MacLennan

Image characters of Andrew Ker of Fawdonside

Characters : Andrew Ker of Fawdonside

Actor : Nathen East

Image characters of Knox's Secretary

Characters : Knox's Secretary

Actor : Daniel Booroff

Image characters of Francis Yaxley

Characters : Francis Yaxley

Actor : Sean Buchanan

Image characters of Wedding Announcer

Characters : Wedding Announcer

Actor : Matthew Pidgeon

Image characters of Officer

Characters : Officer

Actor : Benjamin Barraclough

Image characters of James MacDonald

Characters : James MacDonald

Actor : Jordan Turk

Image characters of Urie Campbell

Characters : Urie Campbell

Actor : Adam Stevenson

Image characters of Hector MacLean

Characters : Hector MacLean

Actor : Scot Greenan

Image characters of Moray's Drummer

Characters : Moray's Drummer

Actor : Chris Grahamson

Image characters of William Taylor

Characters : William Taylor

Actor : Ed Jones

Image characters of Bishop

Characters : Bishop

Actor : Owen Gorman

Image characters of Fisherman

Characters : Fisherman

Actor : John Stahl

Image characters of Attaché

Characters : Attaché

Actor : Kadiff Kirwan

Image characters of Sir Walter Mildmay

Characters : Sir Walter Mildmay

Actor : Alex Beckett

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