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The Belko Experiment
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A group of eighty American workers are locked in their office and ordered by an unknown voice to participate in a twisted game.

The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment The Belko Experiment 6.1 / 10 by 713 users
 Title : The Belko Experiment
 Original Title : The Belko Experiment
 Director : Greg McLean
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2016-03-17
 Runtime : 89 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Thriller
 Production Company : Orion Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, The Safran Company, BH Tilt, Troll Court Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Itaca Films
 Popularity : 12.756
 Plot Keyword : gun, office, experiment, colombia, ax, voice, group, blood splatter, murder, dark comedy, gore, blood, american, extreme violence, violence, security guard, meat cleaver, locked in, elevator, deadly, deadly game
 Homepage :
 Alternative Titles :
  • 办公室大狂杀
  • O experimento Belko
  • Das Belko Experiment
  • The Belko Experiment: Chi sopravviverà?


Image characters of Mike Milch

Characters : Mike Milch

Actor : John Gallagher Jr.

Image characters of Barry Norris

Characters : Barry Norris

Actor : Tony Goldwyn

Image characters of Leandra Flores

Characters : Leandra Flores

Actor : Adria Arjona

Image characters of Wendell Dukes

Characters : Wendell Dukes

Actor : John C. McGinley

Image characters of Dany Wilkins

Characters : Dany Wilkins

Actor : Melonie Diaz

Image characters of Keith McLure

Characters : Keith McLure

Actor : Josh Brener

Image characters of Bud Melks

Characters : Bud Melks

Actor : Michael Rooker

Image characters of Terry Winters

Characters : Terry Winters

Actor : Owain Yeoman

Image characters of Marty Espenscheid

Characters : Marty Espenscheid

Actor : Sean Gunn

Image characters of Vince Agostino

Characters : Vince Agostino

Actor : Brent Sexton

Image characters of Alonso 'Lonny' Crane

Characters : Alonso 'Lonny' Crane

Actor : David Dastmalchian

Image characters of Roberto Jerez

Characters : Roberto Jerez

Actor : David Del Rio

Image characters of Peggy Displasia

Characters : Peggy Displasia

Actor : Rusty Schwimmer

Image characters of Leota Hynek

Characters : Leota Hynek

Actor : Gail Bean

Image characters of Evan Smith

Characters : Evan Smith

Actor : James Earl

Image characters of Chet Valincourt

Characters : Chet Valincourt

Actor : Abraham Benrubi

Image characters of Ross Reynolds

Characters : Ross Reynolds

Actor : Valentine Miele

Image characters of Robert Hickland

Characters : Robert Hickland

Actor : Stephen Blackehart

Image characters of Antonio Fowler

Characters : Antonio Fowler

Actor : Benjamin Byron Davis

Image characters of Helena Barton

Characters : Helena Barton

Actor : Silvia de Dios

Image characters of Lorena Checo

Characters : Lorena Checo

Actor : Cindy Better

Image characters of Bradley Lang

Characters : Bradley Lang

Actor : Andrés Suárez

Image characters of Tyson Moon

Characters : Tyson Moon

Actor : Joe Fria

Image characters of Raziya Memarian

Characters : Raziya Memarian

Actor : Mikaela Hoover

Image characters of Louisa Luna

Characters : Louisa Luna

Actor : Maia Landaburu

Image characters of Luis Costa

Characters : Luis Costa

Actor : Santiago Bejarano

Image characters of Agnes Meraz

Characters : Agnes Meraz

Actor : Maruia Shelton

Image characters of Samantha Arcos

Characters : Samantha Arcos

Actor : Luna Baxter

Image characters of Sebastian Bruno

Characters : Sebastian Bruno

Actor : Juan Manuel Lenis

Image characters of Sarah Mariana

Characters : Sarah Mariana

Actor : Kristina Lilley

Image characters of Victoria Baro

Characters : Victoria Baro

Actor : Monica Giraldo

Image characters of Lucy Martinez

Characters : Lucy Martinez

Actor : Maria Juliana Caicedo

Image characters of Luigi Moretti

Characters : Luigi Moretti

Actor : Juan Ortega

Image characters of Christopher Francis

Characters : Christopher Francis

Actor : Manuel Torres

Image characters of Lawrence Fitzgibbon

Characters : Lawrence Fitzgibbon

Actor : Yeison Alvarez

Image characters of Carlos Yanez

Characters : Carlos Yanez

Actor : Guillermo Galindo

Image characters of Frances Anne

Characters : Frances Anne

Actor : Silvia Varon

Image characters of The Voice

Characters : The Voice

Actor : Gregg Henry

Image characters of Guard

Characters : Guard

Actor : Julio Nava

Image characters of Guard

Characters : Guard

Actor : Ricardo Hoyos

Image characters of Tech

Characters : Tech

Actor : Anton Tarazov

Image characters of Tech

Characters : Tech

Actor : Isnardo Saenz

Image characters of Cafeteria Lady

Characters : Cafeteria Lady

Actor : Lorena Tobar

Image characters of Nervous Guy

Characters : Nervous Guy

Actor : Alvaro Garcia

Image characters of Elderly Custodian

Characters : Elderly Custodian

Actor : Alietta Montero

Image characters of Pretty Custodian

Characters : Pretty Custodian

Actor : Ximena Rodriguez

Image characters of Middle Man

Characters : Middle Man

Actor : Juan Villegas

Image characters of Stout Exec

Characters : Stout Exec

Actor : Gamal Dillard

Image characters of Toothless Merchant

Characters : Toothless Merchant

Actor : Carlos Enrique Gómez

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