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The Wife
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A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Wife

The Wife The Wife 7.3 / 10 by 375 users
 Title : The Wife
 Original Title : The Wife
 Director : Björn Runge
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2018-08-02
 Runtime : 100 Minutes
 Genre : Drama
 Production Company : Anonymous Content, Meta Film, Tempo Productions Limited, Film i Väst, Embankment Films, Creative Scotland
 Popularity : 23.043
 Plot Keyword : based on novel or book, wife husband relationship, infidelity, secret, professor, nobel prize, stockholm, flashback, author, writer, extramarital affair, novelist, award, 1960s, 1990s, affair
 Alternative Titles :
  • La buena esposa
  • Vivere nell'ombra
  • 와이프


Image characters of Joan Castleman

Characters : Joan Castleman

Actor : Glenn Close

Image characters of Professor Joe Castleman

Characters : Professor Joe Castleman

Actor : Jonathan Pryce

Image characters of Nathaniel Bone

Characters : Nathaniel Bone

Actor : Christian Slater

Image characters of David Castleman

Characters : David Castleman

Actor : Max Irons

Image characters of Young Joan Castleman

Characters : Young Joan Castleman

Actor : Annie Starke

Image characters of Young Joe Castleman

Characters : Young Joe Castleman

Actor : Harry Lloyd

Image characters of Elaine Mozell

Characters : Elaine Mozell

Actor : Elizabeth McGovern

Image characters of Susannah Castleman

Characters : Susannah Castleman

Actor : Alix Wilton Regan

Image characters of Walter Bark

Characters : Walter Bark

Actor : Johan Widerberg

Image characters of Linnea

Characters : Linnea

Actor : Karin Franz Körlof

Image characters of Hal Bowman

Characters : Hal Bowman

Actor : Richard Cordery

Image characters of Constance Finch

Characters : Constance Finch

Actor : Jane Garioni

Image characters of Arvid Engdahl

Characters : Arvid Engdahl

Actor : Jan Mybrand

Image characters of Mrs. Lindelof

Characters : Mrs. Lindelof

Actor : Anna Azcárate

Image characters of Dusty Berkowitz

Characters : Dusty Berkowitz

Actor : Suzanne Bertish

Image characters of Carol Castleman

Characters : Carol Castleman

Actor : Grainne Keenan

Image characters of Dr. Ekeberg

Characters : Dr. Ekeberg

Actor : Mattias Nordkvist

Image characters of White

Characters : White

Actor : Michael Benz

Image characters of Monica

Characters : Monica

Actor : Twinnie Lee Moore

Image characters of Hotel Nurse

Characters : Hotel Nurse

Actor : Carolin Stoltz

Image characters of Hotel Doctor

Characters : Hotel Doctor

Actor : Catharina Christie

Image characters of Smithie Girl Lorraine

Characters : Smithie Girl Lorraine

Actor : Morgane Polanski

Image characters of Flight Attendant Monica

Characters : Flight Attendant Monica

Actor : Twinnie Lee Moore

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