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I, Robot
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In 2035, where robots are common-place and abide by the three laws of robotics, a techno-phobic cop investigates an apparent suicide. Suspecting that a robot may be responsible for the death, his investigation leads him to believe that humanity may be in danger.

I, Robot

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 Title : I, Robot
 Original Title : I, Robot
 Director : Alex Proyas
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2004-07-15
 Runtime : 115 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Science Fiction
 Production Company : Mediastream Vierte Film GmbH & Co. Vermarktungs KG, Davis Entertainment, Laurence Mark Productions, Canlaws Productions, 20th Century Fox, Overbrook Entertainment
 Popularity : 29.179
 Plot Keyword : suicide, artificial intelligence, man vs machine, chicago, based on novel or book, hero, future, law, dystopia, police, murder, robot, 3d, humanoid robot
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 Alternative Titles :
  • 智能叛变
  • 我,机器人
  • Ja, robot
  • I, Robot - 3D
  • Yo, robot
  • Yo, robot
  • Yo, robot


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