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Son of Godzilla
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A great duel against a new monster by a parent-child combination!


Scientists in the South Seas are conducting weather experiments when reporter Goro Maki suddenly arrives on Sollgel Island. He soon discovers the island is inhabited by giant mantids, a cast away woman, and a baby Godzilla.

Son of Godzilla

Son of Godzilla Son of Godzilla 6.4 / 10 by 102 users
 Title : Son of Godzilla
 Original Title : 怪獣島の決戦 ゴジラの息子
 Director : Jun Fukuda
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 1967-12-16
 Runtime : 86 Minutes
 Genre : Science Fiction, Family, Comedy, Fantasy
 Production Company : Toho Pictures, Inc.
 Popularity : 11.167
 Plot Keyword : monster, cave, island, weather manipulation, giant spider, sequel, giant monster, tokusatsu, kaiju, praying mantis, native, godzilla
 Homepage :
 Alternative Titles :
  • Monster Island's Decisive Battle: Godzilla's Son
  • Son of Godzilla
  • O Filho de Godzilla
  • Godzilla - Frankenstein jagt Godzillas Sohn
  • Син Ґодзілли
  • Kaijûtô no kessen: Gojira no musuko
  • Frankenstein jagt Godzillas Sohn


Image characters of Dr. Kusumi

Characters : Dr. Kusumi

Actor : Tadao Takashima

Image characters of Goro Maki

Characters : Goro Maki

Actor : Akira Kubo

Image characters of Riko (Saeko) Matsumiya

Characters : Riko (Saeko) Matsumiya

Actor : Bibari Maeda

Image characters of Fujisaki

Characters : Fujisaki

Actor : Akihiko Hirata

Image characters of Fujisaki

Characters : Fujisaki

Actor : Yoshio Tsuchiya

Image characters of Morio

Characters : Morio

Actor : Kenji Sahara

Image characters of Ozawa

Characters : Ozawa

Actor : Ken'ichirô Maruyama

Image characters of Tashiro

Characters : Tashiro

Actor : Seishirô Kuno

Image characters of Suzuki

Characters : Suzuki

Actor : Yasuhiko Saijô

Image characters of Navigator

Characters : Navigator

Actor : Susumu Kurobe

Image characters of Pilot

Characters : Pilot

Actor : Kazuo Suzuki

Image characters of Radio Operator

Characters : Radio Operator

Actor : Wataru Ômae

Image characters of Surveyor

Characters : Surveyor

Actor : Chôtarô Tôgin

Image characters of Submarine Captain

Characters : Submarine Captain

Actor : Osman Yusuf

Image characters of Godzilla

Characters : Godzilla

Actor : Seiji Onaka

Image characters of Godzilla

Characters : Godzilla

Actor : Yû Sekita

Image characters of Godzilla (water scenes only)

Characters : Godzilla (water scenes only)

Actor : Haruo Nakajima

Image characters of Minilla

Characters : Minilla

Actor : 'Little Man' Machan

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