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A Clockwork Orange
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Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven.


In a near-future Britain, young Alexander DeLarge and his pals get their kicks beating and raping anyone they please. When not destroying the lives of others, Alex swoons to the music of Beethoven. The state, eager to crack down on juvenile crime, gives an incarcerated Alex the option to undergo an invasive procedure that'll rob him of all personal agency. In a time when conscience is a commodity, can Alex change his tune?

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange 8.2 / 10 by 9445 users
 Title : A Clockwork Orange
 Original Title : A Clockwork Orange
 Director : Stanley Kubrick
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 1971-12-19
 Runtime : 137 Minutes
 Genre : Science Fiction, Drama
 Production Company : Warner Bros. Pictures, Hawk Films
 Popularity : 34.553
 Plot Keyword : london, england, street gang, robbery, sexuality, based on novel or book, parent child relationship, great britain, nihilism, social worker, society, dystopia, psychopath, satire, controversial, violence, juvenile delinquent, cult film, sex crime, futuristic society, teenage protagonist
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 Alternative Titles :
  • Laranja Mecânica
  • תפוז מכני
  • 시계태엽 오렌지
  • Заводной апельсин
  • Clockwork Orange, A


Image characters of Alexander DeLarge

Characters : Alexander DeLarge

Actor : Malcolm McDowell

Image characters of Mr. Alexander

Characters : Mr. Alexander

Actor : Patrick Magee

Image characters of Mrs. Alexander

Characters : Mrs. Alexander

Actor : Adrienne Corri

Image characters of Chief Guard

Characters : Chief Guard

Actor : Michael Bates

Image characters of Dim

Characters : Dim

Actor : Warren Clarke

Image characters of Georgie

Characters : Georgie

Actor : James Marcus

Image characters of Pete

Characters : Pete

Actor : Michael Tarn

Image characters of Dr. Brodsky

Characters : Dr. Brodsky

Actor : Carl Duering

Image characters of Tramp (uncredited)

Characters : Tramp (uncredited)

Actor : Paul Farrell

Image characters of Catlady (uncredited)

Characters : Catlady (uncredited)

Actor : Miriam Karlin

Image characters of Mum

Characters : Mum

Actor : Sheila Raynor

Image characters of Mr. P. R. Deltoid

Characters : Mr. P. R. Deltoid

Actor : Aubrey Morris

Image characters of Prison Chaplain

Characters : Prison Chaplain

Actor : Godfrey Quigley

Image characters of Lodger (uncredited)

Characters : Lodger (uncredited)

Actor : Clive Francis

Image characters of Billy Boy (gang leader)

Characters : Billy Boy (gang leader)

Actor : Richard Connaught

Image characters of Psychiatrist

Characters : Psychiatrist

Actor : Pauline Taylor

Image characters of Dad

Characters : Dad

Actor : Philip Stone

Image characters of Bodyguard

Characters : Bodyguard

Actor : David Prowse

Image characters of Prison Governor (uncredited)

Characters : Prison Governor (uncredited)

Actor : Michael Gover

Image characters of Minister (uncredited)

Characters : Minister (uncredited)

Actor : Anthony Sharp

Image characters of Conspirator (uncredited)

Characters : Conspirator (uncredited)

Actor : Margaret Tyzack

Image characters of Sonietta

Characters : Sonietta

Actor : Gillian Hills

Image characters of Nurse Feeley

Characters : Nurse Feeley

Actor : Carol Drinkwater

Image characters of Stage Actress

Characters : Stage Actress

Actor : Virginia Wetherell

Image characters of Girl in Ascot Fantasy (uncredited)

Characters : Girl in Ascot Fantasy (uncredited)

Actor : Katya Wyeth

Image characters of Professor (uncredited)

Characters : Professor (uncredited)

Actor : George Coulouris

Image characters of Milkbar Bouncer (uncredited)

Characters : Milkbar Bouncer (uncredited)

Actor : Pat Roach

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