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Dallas Buyers Club
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Sometimes it takes a hustler to change the world


Loosely based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug-taking, women-loving, homophobic man who in 1986 was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live.

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club Dallas Buyers Club 7.9 / 10 by 6585 users
 Title : Dallas Buyers Club
 Original Title : Dallas Buyers Club
 Director : Jean-Marc Vallée
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2013-11-17
 Runtime : 117 Minutes
 Genre : Drama, History
 Production Company : Universal Pictures, Truth Entertainment, Voltage Pictures, CE, Evolution Independent, R² Films, Rainmaker Films
 Popularity : 16.377
 Plot Keyword : aids, homophobia, rodeo, texas, biography, dallas texas, based on a true story, hiv, drugs, lgbt, treatment, 1980s, trans woman
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 Alternative Titles :
  • Mo'adon ha'lakokhot shel Dallas
  • Poslovni klub Dalas


Image characters of Ron Woodroof

Characters : Ron Woodroof

Actor : Matthew McConaughey

Image characters of Rayon

Characters : Rayon

Actor : Jared Leto

Image characters of Dr. Eve Saks

Characters : Dr. Eve Saks

Actor : Jennifer Garner

Image characters of Tucker

Characters : Tucker

Actor : Steve Zahn

Image characters of Dr. Sevard

Characters : Dr. Sevard

Actor : Denis O'Hare

Image characters of David Wayne

Characters : David Wayne

Actor : Dallas Roberts

Image characters of Richard Barkley

Characters : Richard Barkley

Actor : Michael O'Neill

Image characters of T.J.

Characters : T.J.

Actor : Kevin Rankin

Image characters of Dr. Vass

Characters : Dr. Vass

Actor : Griffin Dunne

Image characters of Clint

Characters : Clint

Actor : J.D. Evermore

Image characters of Nurse Frazin

Characters : Nurse Frazin

Actor : Donna DuPlantier

Image characters of Rayon's Father

Characters : Rayon's Father

Actor : James DuMont

Image characters of Denise

Characters : Denise

Actor : Deneen Tyler

Image characters of Hispanic Orderly

Characters : Hispanic Orderly

Actor : Ian Casselberry

Image characters of Kelly

Characters : Kelly

Actor : Noelle Wilcox

Image characters of Sunny

Characters : Sunny

Actor : Bradford Cox

Image characters of Michael

Characters : Michael

Actor : Rick Espaillat

Image characters of Foreman

Characters : Foreman

Actor : Lawrence Turner

Image characters of Freddie

Characters : Freddie

Actor : Lucius Falick

Image characters of Francine Suskind

Characters : Francine Suskind

Actor : Jane McNeill

Image characters of Tucker's Father

Characters : Tucker's Father

Actor : Don Brady

Image characters of Effeminate Man

Characters : Effeminate Man

Actor : Matthew Thompson

Image characters of Judge

Characters : Judge

Actor : Tony Bentley

Image characters of Border Agent

Characters : Border Agent

Actor : Sean Boyd

Image characters of News Anchor

Characters : News Anchor

Actor : Rachel Wulff

Image characters of Stripper

Characters : Stripper

Actor : Neeona Neal

Image characters of Mr. Yamata

Characters : Mr. Yamata

Actor : Scott Takeda

Image characters of Rick Ferris

Characters : Rick Ferris

Actor : Jonathan Tabler

Image characters of Dr. Hiroshi

Characters : Dr. Hiroshi

Actor : Joji Yoshida

Image characters of FDA Customs Agent

Characters : FDA Customs Agent

Actor : Carl Palmer

Image characters of Ian

Characters : Ian

Actor : Martin Covert

Image characters of Rog

Characters : Rog

Actor : Douglas M. Griffin

Image characters of Cop

Characters : Cop

Actor : David Lichtenstein

Image characters of Quicksilver Cowboy

Characters : Quicksilver Cowboy

Actor : Craig Borten

Image characters of Gay Cowboy

Characters : Gay Cowboy

Actor : Henry Frost

Image characters of Rodeo Girl (uncredited)

Characters : Rodeo Girl (uncredited)

Actor : Juliet Reeves London

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