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Death Race
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Terminal Island, New York: 2020. Overcrowding in the US penal system has reached a breaking point. Prisons have been turned over to a monolithic Weyland Corporation, which sees jails full of thugs as an opportunity for televised sport. Adrenalized inmates, a global audience hungry for violence and a spectacular, enclosed arena come together to form the 'Death Race', the biggest, most brutal event.

Death Race

Death Race Death Race 6.1 / 10 by 1931 users
 Title : Death Race
 Original Title : Death Race
 Director : Paul W.S. Anderson
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2008-08-22
 Runtime : 105 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
 Production Company : Impact Pictures, Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Cruise/Wagner Productions, H2S2 Filmproduktionsgesellschaft, Scion Films
 Popularity : 13.929
 Plot Keyword : car race, dystopia, matter of life and death, street race, prison guard, car set on fire, escape from prison, exploding building, vehicle combat, car crash, violence
 Alternative Titles :
  • Death Race 3000
  • Death Race - Course à la mort
  • Smertelnya gonka
  • Corrida Mortal
  • Death Race 1
  • La carrera de la muerte
  • Carrera Mortal
  • Carrera de la muerte
  • Course À La Mort
  • 死亡飞车
  • Death Race 01 Death Race
  • La Carrera de la muerte 1
  • La Carrera de la muerte 1
  • La Carrera de la muerte 1


Image characters of Jensen Ames

Characters : Jensen Ames

Actor : Jason Statham

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Characters : Warden Hennessey

Actor : Joan Allen

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Characters : Coach

Actor : Ian McShane

Image characters of Machine Gun Joe Mason

Characters : Machine Gun Joe Mason

Actor : Tyrese Gibson

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Characters : Elizabeth Case

Actor : Natalie Martinez

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Characters : Pachenko

Actor : Max Ryan

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Characters : Gunner

Actor : Jacob Vargas

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Characters : Guard Ulrich

Actor : Jason Clarke

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Characters : Hector Grimm

Actor : Robert LaSardo

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Characters : 14K

Actor : Robin Shou

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Characters : Neo Nazi

Actor : John Fallon

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