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The story of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, who became an outspoken agent for change, seeking equal rights and opportunities for all. His great love for the city and its people brought him backing from young and old, straight and gay alike – at a time when prejudice and violence against gays were openly accepted as the norm.


Milk Milk 7.3 / 10 by 1085 users
 Title : Milk
 Original Title : Milk
 Director : Gus Van Sant
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2008-11-26
 Runtime : 128 Minutes
 Genre : History, Drama
 Production Company : Focus Features
 Popularity : 10.192
 Plot Keyword : gay, california, san francisco, homophobia, 1970s, mayor, biography, politics, politician, election campaign, murder, homosexuality, morality, election, lgbt, candlelight vigil, lgbt activist, lgbt rights, mayoral campaign, gay history
 Alternative Titles :
  • Milk - A Voz da Igualdade
  • Milk - A Voz da Igualdade
  • Obywatel Milk
  • 自由大道
  • 밀크


Image characters of Harvey Milk

Characters : Harvey Milk

Actor : Sean Penn

Image characters of Cleve Jones

Characters : Cleve Jones

Actor : Emile Hirsch

Image characters of Dan White

Characters : Dan White

Actor : Josh Brolin

Image characters of Jack Lira

Characters : Jack Lira

Actor : Diego Luna

Image characters of Scott Smith

Characters : Scott Smith

Actor : James Franco

Image characters of Anne Kronenberg

Characters : Anne Kronenberg

Actor : Alison Pill

Image characters of Mayor Moscone

Characters : Mayor Moscone

Actor : Victor Garber

Image characters of John Briggs

Characters : John Briggs

Actor : Denis O'Hare

Image characters of Dick Pabich

Characters : Dick Pabich

Actor : Joseph Cross

Image characters of Rick Stokes

Characters : Rick Stokes

Actor : Stephen Spinella

Image characters of Denton Smith

Characters : Denton Smith

Actor : Boyd Holbrook

Image characters of Danny Nicoletta

Characters : Danny Nicoletta

Actor : Lucas Grabeel

Image characters of Art Agnos

Characters : Art Agnos

Actor : Jeff Koons

Image characters of Telephone Tree #3

Characters : Telephone Tree #3

Actor : Brent Corrigan

Image characters of Telephone Tree #5

Characters : Telephone Tree #5

Actor : Dave Franco

Image characters of Telephone Tree #8

Characters : Telephone Tree #8

Actor : Elias McConnell

Image characters of Dianne Feinstein

Characters : Dianne Feinstein

Actor : Ashlee Temple

Image characters of Jim Rivaldo

Characters : Jim Rivaldo

Actor : Brandon Boyce

Image characters of Michael Wong

Characters : Michael Wong

Actor : Kelvin Yu

Image characters of Don Amador

Characters : Don Amador

Actor : Cleve Jones

Image characters of Castro Clone

Characters : Castro Clone

Actor : Dustin Lance Black

Image characters of

Characters :

Actor : Joshua Grannell

Image characters of Castro Man

Characters : Castro Man

Actor : Blake Cooper Griffin

Image characters of SFPD Motor Cop

Characters : SFPD Motor Cop

Actor : Tim Halpin

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